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Are You Out of Stock or Overstocked?

Maybe the answer is both. You’re out of stock on your top-sellers while also being overstocked with items that aren’t selling through as fast. Our demand forecasting software will give you an idea of what your demand will be before it hits you. Coupled with our demand planning software,  you’ll know exactly how much of each product to order and therefore when to reconsider placing a large order for those items that take years to sell-through or simply don’t have a very high profit margin.  Leave space for inventory that matters.

Why Choose Avercast Demand Planning Software?

Valuable Foresight

Avercast’s demand planning software gets accurate results fast so that you can make an informed decision on your inventory ASAP. We’ve developed 200+ tailor-made forecasting algorithms designed to learn trends and improve accuracy with every forecast.

ABC Analysis

Ranking every single SKU performance, you have can become a time-consuming process, especially when you factor in multiple locations and customers. We offer an ABC analysis of each of your items to rank their performance overall and by priority with letter codes’ designation. 

Performance Modeling & Analysis

We’ve listened to and often worked directly with our customers to develop reports that give you the data you need before realizing you even need it. Our client-centric dashboard displays customizable alerts and reporting tools so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Where Is Your ERP Lacking?

Though some ERPs claim to have excellent inventory forecasting software systems, they lack depth when it comes to getting at your data and breaking things down by the SKU-Warehouse and even Customer levels. Our inventory management software updates on a daily basis and breaks the data out into as many custom categories as you need to plan more precisely. Using an inventory planning software system, like Avercast, that specializes in accurate statistical forecasting and optimized planning based on demand and inventory levels puts you a step above your competition.

Why Choose Avercast Inventory Software?

What If Analysis

“What if” analysis breaks through current plans to improve inventory turns and safety stock quantities regardless of market and supplier condition.

Manage By Exception

Action items quickly identify areas that require attention, allowing planners to simply skip from one action item to the next.

Hierarchy At Any levels

Choose your hierarchy at any level such as customer, sales rep, warehouse, category, and more.

Know It All, From A – Z

Units sold, revenue generated, profit made, general demand, and even budget projections. Avercast’s sales forecasting software makes it simple for those outside of an operations branch (sales, finance, executives, etc.) to see the forecast and walkthrough scenarios how they’d like to see it. Our revenue forecasting software uses both quantitative results in the form of statistical algorithms and qualitative results in the form of sales, planner, customer, executive, and other input to create a reliable forecast for plans A – Z.

Why Choose Avercast Sales Forecast Software?

Facilitate Communication with Suppliers

We also offer supplier relationship management software to help connect you with your suppliers in real-time via your web browser. Limit your supplier to information that only pertains to them while maintaining visibility on your end to negotiate price cuts coordinate shipping logistics.

See A Return

The implementation of Avercast has saved our clients millions of dollars. We’ll make sure you’re able to see a return on your investment as soon as possible so you can gain confidence in the many benefits Avercast has to offer.

Control and Manage Everything

Bring together all your plans into one integrated platform that provides you with visibility into goal management across departments. We offer solutions for any-sized business by working with you to provide exactly what you’ll need and what you can upgrade to later on. With our sales forecasting software, you can connect forecasts with demand planning and performance.

We’ll Help You Grow, And Grow With You

The reason our clients often stay around forever is as a result of our ability to maximize your profit, year over year, and adapt to meet your new concerns and situations. To be a true supply chain management software solution, you have to be willing to adapt to the way supply chain has, is, and will change as time goes on. We originally got our start by solving problems in the supply chain industry decades ago. Now, we work with customers in every industry to identify and solve challenges we would have never seen coming had our growing clients not expressed them. We don’t charge our customers for good ideas and have seen the benefit of customer-driven development throughout our lifespan. Being a supply chain planning software you can trust means growing your business first, then adapting to the new problems you have as you grow.

Why Choose Avercast Supply Chain Software?

Simplified Supply Planning

Develop a time-phased supply plan in daily, weekly or monthly time intervals up to 180 periods in the future.

Streamlined Process

Use action items to eliminate the need to manage thousands of SKUs and highlight only those that need immediate attention.

Powerful Analysis

Easily perform “what if” analyses on your supply strategies and recalculate safety stock as changes are made to the supply plan.


We asked our clients how Avercast has helped them improve.
On average, they reported:
Up to a 30% reduction in inventory
Up to a 40% improved forecast accuracy
Up to an 85% reduction in stockouts

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